Feb 11 / 2014

Gramercy Park Area - Slide thru history

You enter Gramercy, Midtown Manhattan and you whisper - How can this be? I wish I lived here! Gramercy, around E21st street is an unusual mixture of Italian, Greek and Victorian buildings - noble architecture and - a park. You are possibly familiar with Lexington avenue that bears green subway lines 4,5,6. Well here is where it starts.

Looking around you smell a rich history, rich people, impressive stories. Walk inside - this area definitely has them. You walk around medieval knights or brownstones worth old England. Or you just walk around famous Gramercy Park Hotel - a high corner building. It’s been here forever - and if you are lucky and ask for unusual story - they will get you one. Long time ago when the hotel struggled for its existence there were different kinds of people living. Those who could afford it. One eccentric lady among them. She didn’t like to go out much. But perhaps to keep fit or socialize she loved to ride the corridors on a bicycle (!)

Once the hotel got refurnished and got more expensive, new guests came. For architects I have another gossip - many famous Dutch architects used to live in this hotel. Rem Koolhaas, Ben Van Berkel, Winy Maas - perhaps they all loved the eccentricity of the area. Dutch! It seems a history was written here.

Now enjoy few winter pics I got after my return from warm New Orleans.